DNN Services

Our Services at a Glance

Design Services

We can create your DNN website's design as part of the development process. The resulting PSD files will be yours to use as you like.


We can create a fully functional DNN site from your PSD or HTML templates. We will create the skin as well as any desired functionality. working together with you so that you get what you really need.

E-shop Development

We are very familiar with Catalook Store and NB Store, and we can provide you with a comprehensive e-commerce solution on DNN.                                                                           

Custom Development

We can write custom code to do things that DNN doesn't provide out of the box - such as importing from or integrating with 3rd party data sources and apps.

Support & Maintenance

We can troubleshoot, support, or extend your existing DNN portal(s). Click the icon above for more.

EU Hosting

If your are in the EU, we can offer you various hosting options, from shared hosting to dedicated servers or scalable cloud VPS. Click the icon above for more.

Want to know our favourites?

Below you'll find some of the modules and RAD tools we're working with on DNN.

Ecommerce Modules

Catalook Store

NB Store

News and Structured Content

Ventrian News Articles

EasyDNN News

Ventrian Property Agent

Rapid Application Development

Open Web Studio (OWS)


What? No portfolio?

As much as we'd like to present a full portfolio on our site, we are not authorized to do so (for a good reason). We work together with other companies and web agencies, providing development services, assistance, consulting and support for various projects. Our involvement varies from project to project, so we can't always claim a project as created solely by us. Moreover, we often sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) that prevent us from mentioning our clients' projects, even our clients themselves.

Are you a web agency? Rest assured that we'll never claim your projects as ours. We disclose only what you want us to (or nothing at all, if that's what you prefer).


Don't just read, talk to us!

Go on, ask us any question. Even if you think it's silly, simple, or even overly complex. And if nothing is troubling you (which is great!) just say hello!

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