Tool Ltd. has been our partner since 2007. Their excellent skills in website design make their sites stand out and we are happy to suggest them for all your web design needs, especially when it comes to Umbraco websites.

Xelixis serves every hosting need for us and our clients. Specializing in Microsoft technologies, Xelixis is where we go to when we need Umbraco, DNN, or other ASP.NET - based hosting services. Xelixis works with data centers in Greece as well as in the UK.


Exploria is a web design agency specializing in designing and implementing projects for the DNN Community Platform. We are working closely with Exploria since 2013 and they're a definite go-to for everything related to DNN design. 

NopServices specializes in creating e-commerce solutions for a wide range of clients and industries using the NopCommerce platform. The company also develops themes for the platform as well as bespoke e-commerce and content management solution and is, like us, very fond of Umbraco CMS. We have been working together with NopServices since 2014, helping each other with our respective expertise.

DNNZone is a web design and development agency specializing in designing and implementing projects for the DNN Conmunity Platform as well as custom web applications based on Microsoft technologies. DNNZone also provides SEO services and E-Shop development services (on DNN). We have been working together with DNNZone on various DNN-based and custom projects since 2014.


Umbraco Projects (development & support) together with multiple partners


DNN Projects (development & support) together with Exploria & DNNZone


Client VPS supported together with Xelixis

A Little History

All successful partnerships start as good business relationships. In our case, both Tool and Exploria were originally our clients. After working together on multiple projects, we realized that we could communicate effectively and be on the same page in everything we dealt with. With Xelixis it was the opposite - originally we were Xelixis' clients, but in time we both discovered that we had a very common client portfolio - we kept referring our clients to them and we supported theirs - and they did the same. 

We carefully choose our partnerships. We strictly partner with people we truly trust and can seamlessly work with - everybody in those three companies works with us as a part of our own team.