Design / HTML to Umbraco

Convert your design or HTML theme to a fully functional Umbraco site

Umbraco themes are not easy to find. The reason is that Umbraco doesn't have any predefined "rules" for the front-end, meaning that you can do virtually anything you want by integrating any kind of functionality. That's the reason a theme in Umbraco is called a "Starter Kit".

This is actually an advantage, since we can take your designs or HTML templates (or even a theme you have bought) and convert it to Umbraco.
It can be as configurable as you need, and provide all the functionality you require.

"PSD to Website" and "HTML to Website" are now easier than ever.
There are no limits with Umbraco.

Did you know...

We've created a free Umbraco Starter Kit which you can use for personal or commercial purposes. It's actually the same Starter Kit this site runs on.

Our Development Process

You provide the design files or the HTML theme

We can convert your design files (PSD, AI, InDesign, Sketch etc.) to HTML for you, or you can provide us with a finished HTML template that you have created (or bought).

We identify data structure and functionality

We work with you to correctly identify what you need to do with your template and how configurable you need it to be. For example, you may want a menu to be created automatically or manually, or a gallery to support additional media formats such as video and audio. Additionally, we identify all elements that should be exposed to the web site editors so that they can effectively modify its content without intervention from a programmer.

We start converting your layout to Umbraco

We provide you with a web address for our development site, where you can check progress and identify possible issues. We are also using Teamwork Projects, so you can always have all information about your project in one place, assign tasks and see the progress of current assignments. You take part in the whole process, and you can intervene at any time.

You test the functionality and provide feedback

After our work is complete, the development site will be there for you to test. We will take care of any remarks you may have. When you are happy with the end result, we can proceed to delivery.

You get the finished work the way you want it

You can get the end result of our work in the form of an Umbraco Starter Kit (in case you want to use it in multiple installations) or in the form of a full, ready-to-deploy Umbraco site (or both). You can even enter content directly into the development site (or have us do it for you), and then have us package it and send it to you together with the content that you have entered. You can ask us to develop your site using SQL Server CE or SQL Server 2008 and up, depending on your hosting configuration. Finally, we can even host your site for you.

Don't just read, talk to us!

Go on, ask us any question. Even if you think it's silly, simple, or even overly complex.
And if nothing is troubling you (which is great!) just say hello!