Design Services

Does it look good?

Visitors don't really care how good a website's code or architecture is.

The first thing they inevitably pay attention to is how it looks. Colors, layout on different devices, typography, all are important.

A good design is a first (and very required) step to a successful web presence.

Here's what we can do for you

Designing a web site is not just putting together some fonts, colors, boxes and images. It's a process, and you are part of it. We work with top partners to offer you bespoke designs that will really make a difference. 


Before we start, we discuss the design with you. Since design implies functionality, we must know what your site will do. You'll be actively participating in the design process because, after all, it's your site.


After you get your first design draft, you can let us know if we're going the way you want or not. If not, we'll make a second one. And a third one.


After you agree on the design that suits you best, we'll provide up to three (3) different variations of that design according to your instructions.


After work is finished and designs have been accepted you can get the PSD files or have us create static HTML templates from them. Or, of course, we can go on and create your full Umbraco site based on our designs.

Don't just read, talk to us!

Go on, ask us any question. Even if you think it's silly, simple, or even overly complex.
And if nothing is troubling you (which is great!) just say hello!