Your team of highly-skilled web developers developing websites with Umbraco CMS.

We work with businesses, digital teams, and agencies, leveraging open-source technologies that are based on Microsoft's technology stack.

Our average experience level in web development and programming exceeds 10 years and most of us have been in business for more than 20 years total.


DotSee is an Umbraco Registered Partner

DotSee Umbraco heroes in Athens

Come for the price, stay for the people.

Top 3 reasons companies choose to work with us.

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Boldly curious

We approach work with enthusiasm and love tricky challenges. We ask the questions others avoid.

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Side by side

We are aligned with your team every step of the way. We support and empower you to exceed your goals.

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A good fit

We are a friendly but opinionated team, and bring fresh perspective to your project.


Not your usual suspects

We believe in each other - and our clients trust us for this same reason.



Founder, MD and Head of Tech

Multi-role professional who has worked as a developer, project lead, and CTO at various companies. 



Client Solutions Executive

Hard work and trustful relationships always bear fruit. You will soon be hearing from her.



Umbraco Developer

Writes great code, looks great doing it. Only person on Teams call in a suit (top part anyway).



Co-founder, Front End Developer

Versatile and resourceful front-end developer with extensive Umbraco and general CMS experience.



Umbraco developer

His Dev skill belies his youth. Shockingly, he insists that a developer's main fuel is pasta, not coffee.



Front End Developer

There is no figma design out there he wont be able to convert into a webpage. So obsessed and perfectionist that even his beard is pixel-pefect!



President, Strategy Consultant

Digital strategy, CX and Cloud technology expert with extensive fintech and agency experience. 



Umbraco Developer

Having dealt with different stacks, he fell in love with Umbraco "0 errors" is his life's purpose.



Umbraco Developer

Intelligent, hardworking, efficient! Simply an ace up our sleeve! She's also into Japanese culture, have you ever tried her bao buns? 


Part of a pan-European family of technology companies.

We worked together for years before starting DotSee. We know our capabilities very well and are confident of what we can achieve, both as individuals as well as being part of a team. We trust and believe in each other - and our clients trust us for the exact same reason.

In 2022 DotSee became part of the GrowCreate Group of companies, including GrowCreate, a strategic digital agency and Umbraco Gold Partner from Oxford, UK and Invessed, a fintech platform for investment portals and apps.

As part of a pan-European technology group , we enjoy access to a wider skill set, capacity and expertise, while continuing to evolve independently and purposefully.

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Ready to find out more?

New or existing websites, Umbraco or not. Our MD Sotiris loves to answer questions. 


Ask Sotiris

Sotiris, DotSee Founder and MD