Revolutionising Facilities Management with the Moralius SaaS platform. 

Moralius is a SaaS platform created by a group of passionate people with an exceptional goal: To improve FM activities around the globe. Moralius is offering data-driven insights into clients' facilities and the most straightforward solution for employees' daily tasks.

Moralius needed a new website that could expand with their
vision when launching on the international scene. Built on
Umbraco CMS, the website enables the marketing team to
generate engaging B2B content experiences.

Moralius homepage
Moralius mobile optimised website

The revolution starts with education. 

When Facility Management professionals use Moralius, satisfaction skyrockets . The Platform effectively upscales processes and boosts competitive advantage, creating a whole new playing field for operations and planning. The question is, how you communicate a revolution?

Start with the customer

Focus on business benefits for each type of FM services
customer such as FM, Technical Maintenance, Property
Management, Cleaning, Security companies and so on.

Show, don't just tell

People love to learn how stuff works. Animated screencasts and functionality walkthroughs help create engagement.

Strategic pricing

Pricing needs to be both clear and flexible, so, an interactive price calculator is important to support the process.  


Showcasing business benefits and product features, in a rich Umbraco experience 

Business benefits

Measurable benefits for diverse audiences, in Facilities Management, Property Managers and related companies.

Product showcase

Complete, interactive feature listing, categorised in Asset, Field, Quality and Staff management modules. 

Price calculator

Support for dynamic pricing based on different user types, product features and contract longevity. 



Moralius Price calculator
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