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Umbraco is powerful, but can be customised to your specific needs with the right extensions and content management tools.

Below you will find some of our most popular plugins that we have published as open source. You can get the code at Github or download them from Our Umbraco.

If you have any suggestions / remarks, please go ahead and contact us - we love to hear from the community!

DotSee Umbraco starter kits and plugins
uMazel Starter Kit by DotSee

uMazel Starter Kit - Packed with features

The second version of our popular Starter Kit for Umbraco v8, featuring dozens of updates and new functionality additions. Based on practices we use on creating sites for clients plus some experimental ones, this highly customizable Starter Kit will help you set up your web site from scratch - and learn a thing or two on the way.

More plugins

Autonode plugin for Umbraco


Publish one, get two (or more)

Lets you automatically create new child nodes in the Umbraco back end upon publishing a node, based on a set of user-defined rules. The rules are easily defined in an XML configuration file. You can also setup a blueprint to be used when new nodes are created.

Available for Umbraco 9.

Get it for free from Our Umbraco or NuGet Gallery or fork it on GitHub

VirtualNodes plugin for Umbraco


Document URLs on a diet

Lets you specify one or more document types that will be excluded from Umbraco-generated URLs, thus making their URL parts "invisible". Those can be used as grouping nodes and they will not appear as part of the URL. Supports wildcards and smart numbering of nodes under virtual paths.

Available for Umbraco 8.

Get it for free from Our Umbraco or NuGet Gallery or fork it on GitHub

NodeRestrict plugin for Umbraco


When too much is too much

Restricts the number of allowed published child nodes either via rules defined in a config file (parent doctype - child doctype) or via a special property in a single node (limiting the number of children of any doctype). It can warn you of the number of allowed nodes remaining. If the limit is met, new nodes are saved but not published and a message informs the user of the limit.

Currently available only for Umbraco 7.

Get it for free from Our Umbraco or fork it on GitHub

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