A global provider of automotive retail systems for high-performing dealerships. 

incadea is a global provider of automotive retail systems that help dealerships run more effectively. Using state-of-the-art technology powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Incadea helps more than 4,000 dealerships transform their businesses and achieve high performance.

In order to increase awareness and keep existing customers engaged, Incadea needed a revamped digital platform. Implemented on Umbraco CMS and hosted on Umbraco Cloud, the new platform empowers marketers to deliver.

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Story-telling for B2B marketers requires new thinking.

Professional audiences may show a different engagement pattern than consumers but remain in a people-centric environment. To ensure their voice is heard in a noisy marketplace, B2B marketers should focus less on trying to sell features and more on telling stories and making connections.

Narratives, not products

Features and technical details are important, but experiences are made of stories, showing real companies finding real solutions.

Show, don’t just tell

The best stories use visual assets and real-life examples to help audiences engage quickly and on a deeper level.

Ensure connection

Put lead generation at the heart of your user journeys, ensuring the path to connection is clear and well-defined.


Narrative, rich media and conversions: an Umbraco  B2B experience.

Flexible, narrative-driven UX

Real-world solutions are created by real companies that use Incadea products, as well as product features and capabilities.

Rich multimedia and visual assets

From images to videos to white papers, a library of digital assets helps Incadea communicate the message effectively.

Conversions tracked

Content-driven journeys with clear connection points, ensure users are aware of the next steps and how to take them.

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