To win bigger accounts, you need a unique creative concepts as well as a technical backbone.

Tool is a digital agency based in Athens, Greece. As their go-to web development partner for Microsoft technologies, DotSee works closely with the creative team to bring their innovative ideas to life.

Anyone can set up a DIY website with simple blogging tools and templates. For companies that prefer not to look like ‘anyone’, a uniquely creative approach is important. However, unique designs come with added technical complexity.

DotSee web development partnership
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An array of skills to unleash your creativity and win clients

To win and retain larger accounts with their innovative ideas, creative agencies need access to a wide array of technical skills:

Flexible CMS architecture

Beyond pretty pixel arrangements, UX is all about integrated systems, which calls for a secure and flexible CMS.

Robust web development

You need unique ideas, not templates. Solid, performant front- and back-end development will bring your ideas to life.

Responsive support desk

As websites become mission-critical, ongoing support, Cloud hosting, and technical maintenance take centre stage.


DotSee partners with Tool to realise their big ideas and growth ambitions

Tool is a digital agency based in Athens, Greece. Since 2001, it provides high-profile clients with innovative concepts that lead to contemporary and integrated business, education, and advertising solutions.

DotSee works in tandem with the team to help breathe life into their big and unique ideas. Like all partnerships, it works because there is close collaboration, mutual trust, as well as strong business benefits:

Close partnership

The two teams have developed a close collaborative style, with both creative and technical ideas discussed openly.

High-quality output

Robust Umbraco implementation ensures the end-product is faithful to the concept, but can also scale gracefully over time.

More and better accounts

Reliable access to a technical resource, allows Tool to win bigger clients, without in-house development team costs.

DotSee handles complex solutions
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