DotSee Web Services S.A. offers Umbraco development and support services to agencies and organizations globally, but also implements its own Umbraco projects for direct clients.

We are part of a larger group of companies that includes GrowCreate, a web agency specializing in Umbraco, Kentico and Optimizely, and Invessed, a digital reporting platform for companies in the investment management industry. 

Job description

We are looking for a full-time web developer (with some work experience) that will be able to work with Umbraco projects either remotely or in-office.

The ideal candidate should have:

  • 1-2 years working experience with C#/ ASP.NET MVC (being able to work with controllers, views, view models, dependency injection, XML+JSON handling via C#)
  • Experience with Git (Github or Azure Devops) with Visual Studio
  • Umbraco or similar CMS experience (e.g. kentico, DNN, EpiServer) as a developer. 
  • Experience working with a front-end development team (external or internal)
  • Basic SQL and SQL Server knowledge (simple queries, backups, restores, handling SSMS)
  • Basic Javascript knowledge (basic DOM handling and understanding of existing scripts, being able to adapt scripts if needed)
  • Basic CSS knowledge (no, we won't ask you to do front-end work, but you should be able to add a padding or a margin here and there)
  • Basic IIS knowledge (bindings, creating a new website, creating a rewrite rule)
  • A (very) basic understanding of Azure services
  • Experience (or desire to) work with NET6 or higher
  • Excellent English language knowledge (written and spoken)
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