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It's a problem we've been facing more often than not - we use grouping nodes that are expected to be there in order for our site to function correctly. Take this blog, for example. There are three different grouping folders under the main "Blog" node - Posts, Categories and Authors. Sure, we could provide it with the main node and subnodes already in place to any client - but what if you need them there when you create a Blog node that's not there from the start?


Enter Autonode - we created a simple plugin that allows you to specify a set of rules for automatically creating nodes - either in code or in a config file - and lets Umbraco handle the rest for you. You can tell it that you need a node of type B created under a node of type A, and next time you create your "A" node, "B" will be there.

This has an added benefit - if the "B" node is accidentally deleted (e.g. by an administrator), then next time you publish the parent node, "B" will be there again. This ensures that the site's code that may be dependent on the existence of "B" will not throw exceptions.

What's more, the plugin ensures (if you choose so) that your automatically-created node(s) will always be first in the subnode tree, even if there are other nodes present. 

This plugin works by letting you specify rules for node creation - either in a configuration file or in code.